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on Fri Jul 27, 2018 3:38 am
“Where is that blasted elf?!” There was a crash as the Queen threw a silver tray into the hallway, porcelain and tea exploded all over the marble floor. “I told you to bring her to me! Don’t give me excuses!”
“Yes, Your Majesty. Please, I have scouts searching for her now.” A panicked guard responded as he backed out of the room into the hallway. The Queen emerged only inches from his face.
“Go. Get. Her.” The Queen’s order was simple, but the fury in her voice seemed to have a palpable heat. The guard took a step back and bowed slightly then hurried down the hallway. Just as he disappeared the Queen screamed. “Idiots!” She looked at the mess on the floor and rolled her eyes with a grunt on disgust. “Clean this!” One of her servants seemed to appear from beside her and began cleaning without a word. She stormed down the hallway into the courtroom.
The guard returned minutes later with the Seer in shackles. The Queen stood with an uncharacteristic but charming smile. “Darling Omnis! I’m so pleased to see you, dear,” she exclaimed as she hurried across the room to the shackled elf.
“Your Majesty,” Omnis replied lightly with a curtsy. “I am honored by your presence.”
The Queen stopped in front of Omnis and folded her hands looking at the shackles with a looked of clear displeasure. “You weren’t willing to join my company, I see.”
Omnis cocked her head to the side with an unreadable expression. “You truly believe that iron is holding me against my will, m’lady?”
The Queen cleared her throat and waved her hand signaling the guards to remove the shackles. “Well, that’s enough of pleasantries. I have a question. Omnis, how is the Will of my people?”
Omnis breathed a sigh of relief as the irons were removed then smiled coyly. “Your Majesty, why are you asking questions that you have the answers to? If you wish to know the Will of your people just look out your window. They live in terror, poverty, they are hungry and exhausted.” Omnis walked towards the open balcony as they spoke ending with a gesture at the kingdom below them. “The Will of your people is weak, manageable, malleable.”
The Queen followed Omnis and looked out. The Seer’s words were of little comfort and she gave a displeased whine with the stamp of her foot. “Is it broken?”
Omnis cocked her head again with a look of mild confusion. “No.” The Queen stamped her foot again and folded her arms. She looked out at the kingdom. “You cannot break a Will, Your Majesty. But you have weakened it to a state of desperation. That’s as close to broken as you will ever get.”
The Queen looked to Omnis and gave a small smile as she looked back out over the balcony.
“I do have one more thing to add, Your Majesty.” Omnis said with a hint of urgency in her voice. “Desperation may weaken one’s Will but it will breed hope.” Omnis turned away and walked back into the courtroom. “Watch her, your gluttony and pride will be your undoing.” Omnis left the courtroom.
The Queen stood on the balcony contemplating the Seer’s warning.
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